Community Rise Regeneration

We recognise and understand the experience of local authorities when addressing regeneration, an overweight population and childhood obesity.

Our Community Food Market Pop Ups and Add-ons  are 'solution focused' and offer so much more than a conventional market or community centre. We deliver a range of programs from the ancillary space around the food market. Our community markets supply multi-cultural healthy cuisines and juices, combined with community facilities. Our Pop Up sites also act as 'community hubs' and are host to our range of  'Pick & Mix Community Rise Add-on Services'.

Food has always been a catalyst for people and providing we have interesting facilities available for our clients to be involved with, we can help combat the discontentment that so often leads to unsociable behaviour.


Community Shacks

Outside dining and space to meet and socialise is the latest trend in community activity. Nowadays, pop ups, box parks and converted containers are all the rage! Streetfoodie Pop Up sites are comprised of a ‘community’ of Market Shacks voguishly embellished with scaffold boards, creating a kitchen to street fusion by bringing a ‘diversity’ of homemade cuisines to the street! Structurally tough, our ‘Community Shacks’ are rustic, upmarket and chic!

Community Rise Add-on ~ Sport-Fit-Health Services

We work with a nutritionist, community centres, NHS, schools and Local Authorities, promoting the market as a 'healthy alternative to fried food and chip shops'. Our ex-Olympic boxer John Bosco Waigo manages our sport-fit and self-defence classes onsite or in a nearby park. We offer a specialist service aimed at increasing children’s fitness levels. We welcome parents joining in with their children, as this, coupled with working with an ex-Olympian as a personal sports trainer, proves to be quite motivational for children! Our nutritionist is also on hand once a week to design a menu for each child. Good food and exercise normally works and will improve our children's health.

Community Rise Add-on ~ new age Warm Food Banks

Our 'community first' approach is all inclusive. Our 'Community Shacks' act as new-age Warm Food Banks. We issue food vouchers free of charge through local signpost centres. People do not feel stigmatised or labelled, as our food vouchers are part of our wider Meal Voucher Scheme. Vouchers issued through signpost centres also entitle the recipient to discounted reflexology treatments from our floating reflexologist.

Community Rise Add-on ~ Meal Voucher Scheme

We offer the option of bulk buying meals at discounted prices. Our meal voucher schemes offer savings of up to 20% off breakfasts, lunches and evening meals, when pre-purchasing a week, or a months worth of vouchers. Meal Vouchers can be purchased by everyone, are easy to budget, convenient and and are particularly useful for families.

Pressure for parents to work in both dual and single households, can make it difficult to ensure that all our family needs are continuously satisfactorily met. We make it convenient and easier to choose a healthier meal option.  We promote parent’s giving their children Meal Vouchers to purchase healthy 'Sports Food' instead of cash that gets spent on junk food. We combine Sports Food with healthy exercise, our sports-fit and self-defence classes are supervised by our ex-Olympian boxer.  For more information visit John Bosco Waigo @

We take 'positive step's to beat obesity'. We:

  • promote ‘Community Shacks’ as an alternative to fried food shops,
  • offer tasty, healthy, and affordable meal choices,
  • conduct personal sports training services, including a specialist service for children.

Making the right meal choices, having healthy meal options, exercise, and setting reachable realistic goals, are ‘instrumental’ if we are to ‘win’ this battle against obesity. In addition to selling great food, we offer free cooking lessons teaching people how to cook healthily, we also hold food and nutrition advice sessions from our Cobtainers.

Community Rise Add-on ~ Cobtainers #Cobs

Our ‘Cobtainers #Cobs’ are upcycled containers situated next to our 'Community Shacks'. Our Cobs are used to house employment, training and small business support services. Our 'Business Development Add-on' provides businesses with mentoring and general business support services. We also partner with Transmit Start-Ups to offer Government funded business Start-Up Loans.

Market Scheme Requirements

The site should be situated where we can capitalise on footfall, office workers, and people associated with the site. Most town Boroughs have some public space available for this type of Pop Up venture. Developers, Fire Stations, Parks and NHS controlled land could also be suitable.

The scheme requires the following:

  • A building or a parcel of land on which we can place a temporary market. Land should be a minimum of 100m2.
  • Access and frontage for public footfall.
  • 100-amp minimum power supply.
  • Sewer and water connections.
  • Temporary planning approval for site welfare services.
  • One year’s minimum contract although we don’t mind moving around a site.

Depending on each sites merits, it could be possible to build and run the facility without any investment from the local authority. In some cases, the market could pay rent.

Market Management Services

We manage 'all' our market sites. We strive for all our sites to have a family feel and community atmosphere, making them a pleasant place to visit. Our traders are subject to our:

  • Contracts.
  • Terms of Service; and,
  • Behaviour Management Policy.

Street Foodie et al adopt the spirit of 'equal opportunity' employers. We are committed to the guiding principles of Every Child Matters and sites are managed so that children are safe.

All sites are equiped with fencing and a security gate arrangement.


Street Foodie et al, helping communities to rise, RISE, R.I.S.E...!

Next Steps...

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