Market Pop-ups form the bridge between you and the local community, providing a fresh approach and innovative solutions to Section 106 'community' obligations. Creating business start-up opportunities, local employment, sport-fit-health, play areas and warm food banks. We use 'meanwhile' open space to help regenerate local communities, creating nice spaces for families to work, relax and play.

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Public Sector

Run by the local community for the local community, Street Food Market Pop Ups bring 'new enterprise' to the local community. With an alfresco dining and play area, Market Pop Ups will add something special to any High Street, Hospital or similar venue. Combined with our menus, sport-fit and self-defence classes, we can start to solve the issue of an overweight population.

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Our business development packages are tailored to suit both your personal and professional development needs, whilst keeping your focus on the day to day management of your business. We offer an A to Z service, we will be with you from birth of idea until business start-up. We follow on with a stellar after-start-up support service.

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Innovation and Business Enterprise

Creating or doing something new or innovating is easy in theory but is often hard in practice. We are here to help you manage this process.
We are a friendly, professional and reliable company, our business ethos is to regenerate our communities through emotional and financial investment in you. Our 'one-stop service' provides you with all you need to create a successful business enterprise.

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