Our Vision

Shaping the future with a 'One Stop-Shop Solution' in order to create vibrant neighbourhoods, where people treat each other with respect and kindness! Transforming communities by inspiring people to seek and share knowledge, holding the power to create opportunity for themselve and others, now and for future generations, by attaining an excellent business-education.

Implementing sustainable programs that improves access to investment, opportunity, and life-saving services. Encouraging full participation in community to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity. Giving ‘everyone’ the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential, by participating and contributing to all aspects of life.

One Love, One Community, One Stop, One Shop!

Our Mission

Through our 'regeneration initiatives', which we refer to as 'Pick & Mix Community Rise Add-on Services', we aim to help local communities:

  • Raise Interest (in) Social Enterprise (rise),
  • Retain Investments (to) Sustain Enterprise (RISE); in order to,
  • Regenerate Involvement (in) Social Evolution (R.I.S.E)...!

Street Foodie et al, here to help communities rise...!


Community Rise Logo

Street Foodie Market Pop Ups

Street Foodie Pop Up sites are comprised of a ‘community’ of Market Shacks voguishly embellished with scaffold boards, creating a kitchen to street fusion by bringing a ‘diversity’ of homemade cuisines to the street! Our Pop Up sites are also host to our range of   'Pick & Mix Community Rise Add-on Services':

  • Sport-Fitness-Health
  • new-age Warm Food Banks
  • Business Development Package
  • Cobtainers #Cobs

Structurally tough, our ‘Community Shacks’ are rustic, upmarket and chic!

#Shacks #CommunityShacks #Tough #Rustic #Sassy #Stellar #Peng #Upcycled


Community Rise Add-on ~ Cobs

Street Foodie 'Cobs' are upcycled shipping containers situated next to our Community Shacks. We call them 'Cobtainers' or ‘Cobs’ for short, because they are also stylishly décored with scaffold boards and because when at work, they 'fuse Containers with Obtainers’. Cobs are used to house office space, co-working space and meeting rooms, houseware, upcycling furniture and clothing. Distributing chattels which are sold-on. They're also 'Pop Ups' and can be easily dismantled and moved around and between sites.

#Containers #Obtainers #Cobtainers #Cobs #CreatingEnterpriseWebs!

Our Story

Since early childhood I have been influenced by musician Bob Marley, and his call for humanity to live together in peace and unity. My calling is to spread Mr Marley's concept of One Love, so that we, the people, can live together in a much more harmonious community, society and world. 'Streetfood Community Shacks and Cobs' represent 'one love unity', bringing together individuals from all walks of life, holding a 'shared vision' of using self-employment to promote healthy being. Self-employment is a stepping-stone towards living a fulfilled life where dreams come true... One love..!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nadine Campbell - Founder

Meet the Team


Associate Consultants

Onsite Managers - Consultants

Our Onsite Managers /Associate Consultants are experienced business people with additional skills and expertise in a range of disciplines, including property renovation, repair and maintenance services.


Nadine Campbell (MA)


Our Lead Manager & Lead Consultant is experienced in strategic leadership, with 8 years experience working as a Project Manager for Local Authorities, she is responsible for our back office and project development services.



Professional Experts

Our team of professionals includes accountants, nutritionists, personal sports trainers, web designers, artists, videographers, editors and other business persons offering their specialist expertise.

                                                            Street Foodie et al, helping communities to rise, RISE, R.I.S.E...!

Next Steps...

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